Who are we?

The Student & Labor Action Movement is a student-led organization dedicated to building student and worker power on campus and around the world. We are committed to human rights and believe in taking direct action to advance social justice.

Our current campaign is focused on getting NYU to prioritize the financial needs of its students. This can be accomplished by a 25% increase in the average financial aid grant, a 10 year freeze on tuition, and a $15 living wage for all workers employed by the university. These goals can be achieved through the cancellation of the expansion plan NYU 2031 and a reduction in administrative bloat.

Last semester we won our End Deathtraps campaign. The End Deathtraps campaign was a United Students Against Sweatshops campaign run by SLAM’s labor committee. The goal was to create safer working conditions in garment factories in Bangladesh by forcing the brands that produce NYU apparel to sign onto the Accord on Fire and Building Safety in Bangladesh. Through direct action we were successful in getting NYU to incorporate this as part of their policy.

SLAM is Local #44 of United Students Against Sweatshops.

Meetings are held on Monday at 8pm in the 4th floor conference room of 20 Cooper Square (the SCA building).

Want more updates and reminders about SLAM’s actions sent straight to your phone? You’re in luck – we have a text loop! Just text @StudentLaborAction to 23559 and we promise not to spam you incessantly.

Email NYUSLAM@gmail.com to get involved!