NYU Students Hold Sit-In, Rally To Cut JanSport: Administrators promise quick response

NYU Student Labor Action Movement sitting-in at the welcome center to get NYU to cut the contract with JanSport
NYU SLAM  sitting-in at the Welcome Center to get NYU to cut the contract with Jan Sport.

After repeated letter deliveries, a die-in, a vigil, a speakout with workers from Bangladesh and a faculty sign-on letter with 60 signatures, members of the NYU Student & Labor Action Movement held a sit-in today to repeat the demand that NYU cut its contract with JanSport over concerns about workers’ rights. Students occupied the Welcome Center from 1 pm to 5 pm, asking the NYU administration to meet with them. At 5 pm, students met with two Senior Vice Presidents, who assured SLAM that a decision will be made early next week.

Throughout the day, 30 students came to the Welcome Center to sing, chant and hand out information to passers-by about the protest. While students occupied the Welcome Center, 200 community members on the Immigrant Worker Justice Tour rallied outside in support of students’ demands.

“We believe cutting our contract with JanSport is necessary until VF does the right thing in Bangladesh,” NYU student Adriana Gonzalez said.

As a subsidiary of VF Corporation, JanSport is connected to VF’s 100 factories in Bangladesh. United Students Against Sweatshops, of which SLAM is an affiliate, has been demanding VF sign the Accord on Fire and Building Safety in light of recent tragedies in Bangladesh, such as the Rana Plaza collapse. Over 1200 workers have died in industrial disasters in Bangladesh’s garment industry in the last two years.

“We are confident NYU will do the right thing and cut its contract with JanSport,” said NYU student Iraj Eshghi.


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