Why undergrads should care about the GSOC election: an editorial outlining the benefits of having a graduate student union at NYU, (i.e. giving the teachers their legal right to negotiate with the people in charge their wages and their working conditions; better teaching conditions means better learning conditions, etc). Written by Iraj Eshghi.

Victory for students and workers: article announcing the victory of the Adidas campaign, chronicling its history. Written by Dan Hinton.

Sign the petition to cut NYU’s Adidas contract!: link to the online petition requesting NYU to cut its contract with Adidas.

Worker Speak-out: Adidas is all in sweatshops: announcement for the worker speak-out against Adidas, 2/4/2013.

We’re putting our trustee on Trial tonight: announcement for the information session on Daniel Straus, NYU law school trustee: who he is, what labor law violations he’s committed, how we can help, etc.

The Villager: NYU trustee’s company did hire goons for demo: linked The Villager article showing proof that Daniel Straus had hired “goons” to intimidate our students and workers at the October 2011 nursing home workers’ protest.

SLAM media coverage, 2012: list of articles from 2012 about SLAM.
SLAM’s statement on student intimidation on our campus: written in wake of the intimidation of our students at the nursing home workers’ protest against Daniel Straus’s labor law violations.

Straus SLAMmed in the Press: post linking to articles on important events for the Straus campaign, 2012.

Join us for May Day, 2012!: announcement for May Day, 2012: International Workers’ Day.
Speak Out for Workers’ Rights! 4/26/2012: announcement for the nursing-home workers’ speak-out against Daniel Straus, 2012.

Film Screening 4/12/2012: At the River I Stand: announcement for SLAM’s screening of At the River I Stand, about Martin Luther King Jr. and the 1968 Memphis Sanitation Workers’ strike.

VIDEO: 3/1/2012 Day of Action for Education at NYU: Daniel Straus: video of SLAM’s street theatre attempting to educate passers-by on Daniel Straus’s, NYU law trustee, labor law violations in his nursing home chains.

NYC Right to Education Day of Action: post announcing the National Day of Action for the Right to Education, a day of action across campuses in NYC all showing that “education is a right, not a privilege!”