Straus Campaign

The Campaign:

NYU Law School Trustee Daniel Straus has made a fortune from his nursing home empire–CareOne/HealthBridge. While he is able to donate $1.25 million a year to the “Straus Institute for the Advanced Study of Law and Justice” at NYU, his company is asking nursing home workers to pay hundreds more a year for health care, give up their paid lunch break and take half the sick and vacation days.

Some of the tactics they have used to break the union both in Connecticut and New Jersey are: locking out workers, firing union organizers and holding mandatory meetings with management to tell workers about the consequences of organizing a union. Currently, hundreds of workers are on strike in Connecticut after management unilaterally imposed a contract on the workers. The National Labor Relations Board has ruled that the company is using unfair labor practices.

Corporate lawbreakers shouldn’t be able to hide behind the prestige of our university while exploiting workers and skirting the law. We are calling for Daniel Straus to clean up his act or be removed from the NYU Law School Board of Trustees.

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