Fight for $15

In 2015 SLAM began its campaign along with the national Fight for $15 movement to increase student workers’ pay to $15 an hour. In an university where students struggled to choose between textbooks and groceries, we saw the university providing a living wage as a means of providing a necessary and immediate change, while combatting student debt.

We began by obtaining a freshmyn housing after NYU had revoked its original agreement to allow her to live off campus. Then we were alerted that there was a payment backlog for student workers. After phone calls and an occupation of the Welcome Center, administrators agreed to issue an apology and remedy the situation.

We then began a petition to encourage NYU to raise the minimum wage, which garnered over 300 signatures. On November 10, the national day of action, we hosted a rally in Washington Square Park and presented our petition to administrators at Bobst Library. This led to a meeting with administration. On March 24, 2016, NYU issued an email stating that it would increase wages to $15 incrementally over the next three years, marking an incredible win for NYU SLAM!!!