Worker Speak-out: Adidas is All in Sweatshops


Worker Speak-out: Adidas is All in Sweatshops

Monday, February 4 @ 8pm
Kimmel 406 (location tentative)

Although anti-sweatshop activists have made great strides in the last 15 years, forcing corporations to increase their respect for workers’ rights, much of the collegiate apparel on the market today is still made in sweatshops. Workers from across the globe who make clothing for Adidas will be on tour in the United States this spring to share the message that “Adidas is all in sweatshops” (a play on the company’s slogan).

At NYU, we will be hosting a stop on the tour, at which we will hear from a worker from Honduras and one from Haiti about their struggles for living wages and humane working conditions.

This comes at a time when six universities have already decided to cut their Adidas contract because of the company’s refusal to pay legally owed severance to 2,800 workers in Indonesia who made Adidas apparel.

Join us to learn about how your clothing is made and how workers and students are fighting the global race to the bottom.



SPONSORED BY: Student Labor Action Movement, Radical Film and Lecture Series and Students Creating Radical Change, NYU International Socialist Organization, and community groups United Students Against Sweatshops, SweatFree Communities and the Labor-Religion Coalition of New York State


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